Whose Argument is more convincing?

For this question you will need to analyse two people’s perspective on an issue and decide whose argument is more convincing

Your response should consider BOTH arguments. This means that when you write each point you should be explicitly referring to both arguments and making comparisons, NOT just focusing on one of them throughout.

In your comparison, you should consider the following:

  • ´The strengths of their reasoning
  • ´Their use of language 
  • ´Different types of evidence

What to consider in the strength of an argument’s reasoning?

  • ´How is the logical flow of the ideas given?
  • ´Have they structured the ideas in a manner that is easy to follow?
  • ´Have they provided a counter argument to make the response balanced?
  • ´Do they seem to have convincing knowledge claims?

What to consider in the strength of an argument’s use of language?

  • ´Is the tone emotional meaning the person just wants to be sympathized with?
  • ´Is the tone exaggerated? Does the writer want to coarse us to agree with him/her?
  • ´How clear and precise are the claims being presented?

What to consider in the strength of an argument’s use of different evidence?

  • Does the writer use a range of types of information in the argument?
  • ´Does the writer only focus on opinions which are likely to be biased?
  • ´Are there experts opinions used? remember that experts are knowledgeable in their field.
  • ´What of the use of facts? Facts are well researched, trusted and can be easily proven.
  • ´Are there testimonies quoted- from experience or experts.
  • ´Does the writer use statistics to justify their claims?
  • ´Is the writer making use of a mix of different types of information or just focusing on a single one?
  • ´Range of information and depth
  • ´Is the argument relevant to the topic?
  • ´Sufficiency – sample
  • ´which kind of source have been quoted? anecdotes, experts, international organisations, etc
  • ´Testimony – from experience or expert.

Study the source below and write a response on whose argument you think is more convincing.

attach source, question and response.