Global Perspectivs


The global Perspectives subject is like your personal passport to understanding what’s happening on this amazing planet we call home. It’s like taking a journey without even leaving your classroom. You’ll dive into topics like different cultures, contemporary topics, international issues – basically anything that affects people all over the globe. This topic will open up your mind making you a global explorer of ideas and cultures.



Think of literature as a treasure trove of words and ideas that people have been collecting and passing down for centuries. It’s like a time machine that lets you travel to different eras and peek into people’s minds from way back when. You’ve got everything from ancient myths and epic poems to modern novels that talk about things like love, mystery, friendship, and just about everything in between.

igcse literature
text types

Imagine you’re a language chameleon – you can change your appearance and colors depending on where you are and who you’re talking to. Similarly, text types are like different styles of talking or writing that we use depending on what we want to say and who our audience is. First English Language tests a range of text types. Learn more about them and the conventions that guide these text types.

writers effect

Have you always wondered what the writers craft refers to? It is the secret sauce great writers sprinkle on their writing to make their message come alive and transport the reader to an enchanting reality. Writers are like magicians, using language to create emotions and vivid scenes in your mind. Do you want to learn how to answer the writers effect question in your iGCSE exam?


In summary writing, you are skipping the fluff by getting right to the heart of the matter. Essentially, capturing the essence, the main events, and the key ideas without drowning in the details. It helps you sort out important information from what is irrelevant allowing readers digest small snippets of information in a simple structure that they’re able to understand without necessarily reading it all.

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