Summary Writing

A summary is a reduced version of a text, focusing on a specific idea(s). In KS3, your summary skills will be tested in the reading section. You will be awarded marks for both selection of relevant points as well as writing a coherent summary using the ideas.

Here are some helpful tips when navigating this section.

Note making

  • Always start by reading the question to know what the passage is about.
  • Underline the relevant points in the text which you feel are important or relevant.
  • All your points must be relevant to the question. You must also obtain them from the text provided.
  • Sometimes, the examiner will ask you to write a specific number of points. If the number is not mentioned, be sure to utilize all the bullets provided.
  • Make sure that each of those points are clear and can make sense on their own. Simply said, that point must be a complete thought.

Summary writing

  • Make sure to use at least 5 relevant points. If the question mentions the number of points to utilize, make sure to do the same.
  • Use connectives to form complex sentences and group points that are similar.
  • Do not give opinions, direct speech or conclusion.
  • Do not use first person.
  • Stick to the word count. For instance, when asked to write 50 words, do not exceed that amount bit again, do not write too little. In this case 45-50 words should be good to go.

Here is a sample question 👇👇