My Teaching Portfolio

Peris Nyambura Ngaruiya

Secondary English, Literature and Global Perspectives Teacher.

  • Certified and qualified to teach secondary, English, Literature and Global Perspectives. 
  • Bachelor of Education in English and Literature.
  • 5 years international teaching experience in grades 7-13
  • 4 years as a homeroom tutor.
  • Additional experience as a journalism, debate and drama club patron.
  • Teaching license from Kenya

My philosophy

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to positively impact the lives of young people. As the firstborn in my family, I felt a responsibility to guide my younger siblings in the right direction. On countless occasions, I took on the role of a teacher, providing them with additional assistance on their homework every evening. What’s truly amazing is that I was consistently a high-achieving student.

During my time in primary school, my teachers often entrusted me with the task of offering peer lessons to students who were struggling in class. It was incredibly satisfying to witness them brighten up and gain a better understanding of concepts they had previously found complex. It was these moments that inspired me to take teaching as a lifelong career.

My teaching methodology.

After years of teaching and interacting with teenagers, I’ve come to the realization that teenagers crave a sense of care and motivation. It’s often said that they are one of the most challenging groups for teachers. While this may hold some truth, I’ve learned to adapt my approach when teaching them, resulting in students’ increased enthusiasm for my lessons and ultimately, better outcomes. Here’s what has proven to be effective for me:

  1. Building a rapport with teens: I consider it my responsibility to genuinely connect with my students, getting to know their diverse abilities and appreciating them for who they are. I allow them to guide me on how they prefer to learn, and I tailor my teaching methodology accordingly. While it’s challenging to please every student in the class, informal conversations with them play a pivotal role in my lesson planning.
  2. Exploring the KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learned) method: Before introducing a new topic, I make it a habit to have students fill in a KWL chart. They begin by assessing ‘What I Know’ about the subject, then note down ‘What I Want to Know’ by the end of the lesson. After the topic is covered, they reflect on the ‘Things I Learned.’ I also encourage them to identify any knowledge gaps which I follow up with remedial lessons.
  3. Inquiry-based learning: Teaching subjects like Cambridge Global Perspectives has greatly enhanced my implementation of inquiry-based learning. I empower my students to explore global topics, research local issues, and devise solutions. In this role, I act as a learning facilitator, allowing students to develop critical thinking skills, and they become highly motivated to pursue their own interests.
  4. Using technology: I’ve observed that many of my less-enthusiastic learners become more engaged when technology is integrated into the classroom. While technology can be both addictive and potentially distracting for teenagers, it has proven to be interactive and captivating for my students. We sometimes watch educational videos, play interactive games on platforms like Kahoot or Quizizz, and frequently utilize online platforms for continuous assessments.

My Skills Set

In my role as a teacher, I have honed a diverse skill set that enables me to inspire and guide students effectively. Over the years, I’ve cultivated these skills to create a positive and productive learning environment. My passion for helping young minds thrive have driven me to continually refine my abilities. Here’s a glimpse into the skill set that I bring to the classroom:

  • Technology integration- Managebac, GCSE pod, InThinking, Coolsis, Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress
  • Co-curricular activities and coordination
  • Pastoral care and Homeroom Tutorship
  • Differentiation and inclusion|
  • Student Coaching and Mentorship
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Classroom management

My values as a teacher

Having taught in an International Baccalaureate (IB) World Teacher, my teaching values are focused on nurturing well-rounded, internationally-minded individuals. As a homeroom tutor in the school, my aim has been to mold learners who are Inquirers, Thinkers, Caring, Balanced, Knowledgeable, Open Minded, Risk takers, Communicators, Reflective and Principled.

Extra-Curricular Offering

  • Clubs and Societies: Drama, Debate and Journalism
  • Sports and Games: Board Games (Scrabble and Chess)

Students and Parents Testimonials

My students Projects and Gallery

Slide 1
The problem of FGM

For their Global Perspectives team project, this year 10 group decided to look into the issue of FGM in Kenya. The students collected primary cultural perspectives from people in areas mostly affected by this issue. They also conducted internet research to gain a perspective of the wider issue in many areas across the globe. To raise further awareness about FGM and how it has impacted lives in these areas, the students decided to build a website aimed at this,

Slide 2
Magazine Article Project

I assigned my year 10 students a project. They were to come up with a magazine targeted at an audience of their choice. The magazine needed to comprise magazine articles, advertisements as well as pictures and captions.
They later presented their work. Honestly speaking, I was just amazed by what these kids did. They ‘over met’ my expectations…
Projects are not only fun but they also give rise to meaningful collaboration, foster creativity and offer students a better understanding on concepts they are working on.

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