My personal Self.

Meet Peris, a seasoned educator with over a decade of experience in the classroom. Dealing with teenagers for that long has taught me invaluable lessons in patience and the fine art of sarcasm, all while nurturing young minds.

When I’m not immersed in the world of grading papers and navigating the antics of my students, you’ll find me in the kitchen, whisking up delightful culinary creations. I’m a devoted foodie, constantly exploring new recipes and ingredients. My culinary style? It’s best described as “rustic,” as I value delicious, no-frills cooking over extravagant dishes.

Beyond the classroom and the kitchen, I’m a wanderer at heart. Over the years, I’ve embarked on adventures to amazing places, primarily within my own country, always seeking the next thrilling journey. However, my travels are often confined to school breaks due to my demanding school responsibilities.

But there’s more to me than just my profession. I’m a tech enthusiast who revels in testing out the latest gadgets and educational software, all designed to enhance the educational experience. Who needs a chalkboard when you can have an interactive whiteboard and a myriad of apps at your fingertips?

In my quieter moments, I’m a dedicated reader, happily losing myself in the pages of a good book, and I also indulge in catching up on the latest movies and TV series.

In addition, I’m an introvert who values personal space  but sometimes adores spontaneous, outgoing moments. If you’re seeking a blend of education, food, travel, and tech insights, you’ve found the right person.

Let’s embark on this journey of discovery and conversation together!