• You will be required to read a passage (TEXT C) and then respond to it through writing any of the following forms:
    • Interviews.
    • Speeches.
    • Letters.
    • Reports.
    • Journals.
    • Magazine article.
  • Your work will be assessed out of 25 marks. The content of your work taking up 15 marks while 10 marks being from the quality of your writing.
  • Your word count should be 250-350 words.


  • Do not copy sections from the passage. Paraphrase the information based on your own understanding.
  • Write from the correct voice
  • Explore a range of ideas for each of the bullet points. Use plenty of material from the text in your answer and use your imagination to develop the ideas.
  • The third bullet point can be tricky. Its ideas are not explicit in the passage. You need to infer and predict based on your understanding of the text.
  • Understand the conventions and the style of writing each of the text types given.
  • Understand the correct audience and purpose for your text type
  • Address the 3 bullets correctly
  • Use varied vocabulary and sentence structures and try to be as accurate as possible.



  • This is simply the text type you have been asked to write. Every text type has its own conventions. Therefore, you must understand the format and style of writing the type of writing given.


  • Who is meant to be the recipient of what you are writing? Who will be reading that article, letter, journal etc. Your audience dictate the kind of language and register to use. Some responses will need a formal tone while others will be more appropriate with a chatty and more informal style.


  • For which intent are you writing? So, before writing ask yourself, do I need to inform, advice, complain, persuade or argue about an issue. Be sure to adopt the correct style for your purpose of writing.


  • This is simply the role you should be assuming. In most cases, the examiner will require that you assume a role of a character in Text C. Be sure to understand the personality of this character as this will help you write in the correct voice and authority. It could be an angry boss, a grateful son or an apologetic employee, you must pretend to be that person and bring out their character to life.


  • It is advisable to read the question before you read the passage.
  • This way, you can underline the relevant points that link to the bullet points, as you read.
  • Highlighting the text with a different colour for each bullet point will help you retrieve material you need.
  • Ensure that you have included a title if writing an article, a date in a journal and a salutation in a letter.
  • Make sure that your response includes an introduction fit for the text type you are writing.
  • When tackling the bullet points, make sure that each of them is in its own paragraph and they start with a topic sentence derived from the bullet question.
  • About 4-5 points are needed for each of the bullet points.
  • Don’t obsess over the word count. 250-350 words is just a guide. But be careful not to go overboard.



As shown above, obtaining a reading level 5 is possible but requires great effort.

  • To start with, you must select a wide range of relevant ideas for each bullet to show that you clearly understand the text.
  • These ideas must be supported by details from the text. You should also use your imagination to extend the details to develop the point further.
  • You must adopt a consistent point of view that matches the purpose of your text type.


A writing level 5 demands a few things done right.

  • The language, level of formality, needs to be fit for your text type. Be formal or informal as the question demands. Be careful however not to be overly relaxed in your language. The examiner is on the watch for any use of non-standard language.
  • Your language needs to be effective and interesting for the benefit of your reader. Incorporating a range of persuasive techniques and vocabulary is a great way to do this.
  • Your language also needs to be consistent and very convincing. This is only be possible if you assume your role in the best way possible. Let your personality be felt through your use of language.
  • Your response should also be well structured as per the text type you are writing. You should organize your ideas in a logical manner and use connectives to make it easy to follow through.
  • Remember your spellings and grammar must be on point. Punctuation should also be used appropriately. Don’t shy away from showing your understanding and usage of various punctuation marks.


The PEE method is usually used to structure an extended reading text type.

The acronym simply stands for

  • POINT: This should be an idea that you have paraphrased from the passage for a given bullet.
  • EVIDENCE: This should be one or more details from text C to back up the point you have made.
  • EXPLANATION: This is where you expand and develop your point based on your own imagination. In most cases, the bullet points come with two strands. You can always use the first part to identify the point and the second one to develop it further.

Eg. Describe the guests that you met on the first day and what you felt about them.

In the above scenario, you can get points to describe the guests, and for each description, elaborate how you felt about them.


Sample response based on Bullet 2

Allow me to describe the inn to you and explain what I believe makes it stand out. My greatest pride in this inn is its magnificent garden, which is packed with a variety of indigenous Japanese trees, stunning walkways, and an arched bridge. Dad, trust me when I say that the tranquility emitted by this beauty is something our customers find incredibly fulfilling.

Additionally, our food is unmatched as we serve traditional meals such as Miso sauce, baked fish and dark green pak choi, prepared just as you taught me. My goal is to create an exclusive Japanese inn that will hopefully attract guests who have a deep appreciation for Japanese culture.

Furthermore, my inn is strategically located near a river and a newly built theater. Honestly speaking, this has worked greatly in my favor since many theater visitors end up dining or staying at my inn.

Finally, the hotel offers guest accommodation in room 4 for overnight stays or even longer durations. I believe my guests appreciate the view of the garden from their rooms, as it provides them with serenity and peace while under our care.







It is important that you vary your vocabulary. You need to use vocabulary that effectively conveys your personality, thoughts and powerful feelings. Powerful vocabulary makes use of emotive words that help in communicating the ideas needed.


Imagine writing a letter to your parent explaining something that has made you very angry in school.

I can barely contain the seething anger that boils within me as I write this letter. Today, an incident unfolded in school that has ignited a raging fire within my soul. I found myself a victim of unfathomable injustice. I was unfairly treated in an environment that should be nurturing inclusivity. My voice trembles with righteous fury, demanding to be heard, demanding change.



Imagine you are a local journalist. Recent events have prompted you to write a magazine article about the need to better safeguard the area. Write the magazine article. In your article you should explain

• the attractions of the local area and why people visit

• the problems affecting the area and the likely impact if things do not improve

• what Tom Michell did and why, and the result of his actions.

Base your article on what you have read in Text C, but be careful to use your own words. Address each of the three bullets. Begin your article with a suitable headline.

Write about 250 to 350 words.

Lupe’s Quagmire.

By Ms. Peris

Most coastal towns pride in tourist business that runs all year round. Unfortunately, in the recent past, these areas have emerging problems that are greatly threatening the sustainability of this business. Do you know that scientists predict that by 2050, there might be more plastic that fish in the ocean? One town in the mix of all this nightmare is small town named Lupe.

People visit Lupe town for several reasons. To start with, the area is a holiday destination that adorns luxury apartments. It is for this reason that most high end and exclusive visitors tour the area. Moreover, there is a small harbour on the fashionable western side and visits love the peaceful atmosphere it provides. Furthermore, the scenery in Lupe town is a beauty to behold. From the painted houses, the blue sky to the sea- it is truly picturesque. Finally, due to the proximity to the sea, some visitors come to watch the array of sea wildlife swimming in the harbour. The most common creatures being penguins and the shoals of fish.

Unfortunately, Lupe area is facing problems that are likely to affect the town if things do not improve. The sea is facing great threat from the pollution by tankers who wash their oil tanks in the bay. It is a huge concern since this will spoil the spectacular views and ultimately affect the ecosystem. The beach is also littered with wood, fishing nets and plastic bottles. Sadly, the litter will be quite costly to clear it up. Furthermore, the resorts are mostly quiet, a clear indication of few visitors who have been visiting the area. Sadly, for a town that depends on tourist business, locals will really struggle if the trend continues. Unfortunately, there are no regulations set to protect the environment. The truth is, the problems might get even worse as days go by.

Recently, a tourist by the name, Tom Michell encountered an experience of a lifetime. Tom was walking along the beach, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the beach. Suddenly, he spotted a penguin that seemed to be the only one alive in the midst of hundred others that lay dead on the beach- he made up his mind to save it. However, Tom was facing great danger since the bird had a sharp beak and would instinctively react to being tidied up. At the end, he managed to clean the bird but not without making a mess of his friend’s elegant flat. He might have to pay his friend for the damages.

In a nutshell Lupe town is a real gem, with all the potential to become a booming tourist destination. However, the issues affecting the area need to be addressed head-on and fast. We should also emulate Tom Michell’s and start saving those penguins, one adorable bird at a time. It’s up to us to make a difference and keep this place as beautiful as it deserves to be.