Purpose of texts

Writers write for different reasons. Sometimes, examiners will need you to identify the purpose of the given texts. Here are the most common purposes.

To inform- Provide . about a topic

To persuade- To convince the reader to agree with the author’s views on a subject

To entertain- To amuse and fascinate the readers

To advise- to help people decide what to do – these texts may give ideas and options

To instruct- to tell a reader how to do something, ordered step-by-step

To argue- to make the case for something – these texts may be one-sided

To explain- to make clear ‘how’ and ‘why’ something works or happens in a certain way

To describe – to give precise details about a person, place, object or experience

To inspire

To help

To advertise

NB: some texts might have more than one purpose.

Quick one.

What do you think would be the purpose of the following text types?

  • a news article
  • a self-help book
  • a letter asking for a charity donation
  • an autobiography
  • a book review
  • travel writing