Paper 2- 1123

Written paper, 2 hours, 50 marks
Candidates answer two questions, one from section A and one from section B.
The texts are printed on the question paper.
Dictionaries must not be used

Section A Directed Writing (25 marks)

  • Candidates answer one compulsory question.
  • Candidates read one or two texts totaling approximately 400–450 words in length.
  • They use, develop and evaluate the information in the text(s) to create a discursive/argumentative/ persuasive speech, email, report, letter or article.
  • Candidates write about 250–350 words.
  • You will be assessed for the quality of writing (15 marks) and Reading (10 Marks)

Section B Composition (25 marks)

  • Candidates develop and write a composition.
    Candidates write about 350–450 words.
  • Candidates answer one question from a choice of four: two descriptive and two narrative.

A descriptive piece of writing describes a person, place or situation (including atmosphere) in detail so that the reader can picture it.
A narrative piece of writing tells a story containing a sequence of connected events which may be real or imaginary.