Language Features

Language features encompass the specific linguistic and stylistic elements that an author uses to convey meaning, tone, and style in a text. Language features contribute to how the reader interprets and experiences it.

Sometimes the examiner might ask you to identify the language features in a certain text or even a paragraph. Other times, you might be required to point out the language features differences between two different paragraphs or texts. Here is what to look out for:

  • Use of figurative language- repetition, imagery, similes, personification, hyperbole
  • Use of emotive words and phrases
  • The author’s use of diction
  • Use of humorous, serious, sarcastic tones
  • Jargon, register and terminology specific to the topic
  • Use of simple language or technical vocabulary
  • Written in particular point of view- first, second or third.
  • Use of connectives
  • Use of passive or active sentences.
  • Mostly containing facts or opinions